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5th Thailand Kite Festival - held at Shamila Beach - Songkla 9th ~ 11th March 2001 

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Getting ready to move out to Shamila Beach- Songkla Colorful banners showing the beautiful of Songkla Opening ceremony performed by young dancers with the famous traditional dances Closeup views of beautiful young traditional thai youths.
Malaysian participans having a great time over Shamila Beach Songkla Group photo with the Thai Kites Acc. guys and Malysians participans Jack of Bangkok and Azemi of Jinkoko Sport Kites, having a little discussion on kites, kites, and kites Meter clocked at 16 mph. Wow...whats a gerat day

Compilation by :           AZEMI
Photographer:              LinLia
Camera:                      Fujifilm MX-1700 Digital Zoom

1999-2003 Action Kite Online

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