Action Kite Online Photo Page 2 
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Azemi and or sea..anythings goes Cool flying in the hot sun Nora...flying in style ! Pushing the Jam Session 2001 to the limit
North Shore Radical vs Angle Fish Angle Fish looking for a place to land Azemi , Yan and Yusuff team flying at Pantai Bersih Meter  locked at 18 mph....what a great day!
Painting the sky with colors Yan with the strong pulled off the stack stylus2.8 Hey man! need some help here......anybody!! The power of stack stylus 2.8..great traction

Photographer: THL & Kris
Camera:         Fujifilm Digital Zoom
Compiled by:   LinLia

Check it out there will be more photos to come out soon. You could be one of the pilot in here!

1999-2003 Action Kite Online

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